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Dream Suri

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 Dream Mohair

Dream Suri is Summer Camp Fiber's single ply other "halo" yarn.  Dream Suri gives your project a halo whisper just like Dream Mohair when held together with other yarns.  Dream Suri is a great substitute for traditional mohair, although in our opinion - it is so much softer! 

Our Dream Suri is made of lux 75% Baby Suri and 25% Mulberry Silk.  We find this pairs perfectly with our Boucle DK and is in all of our cozy pieces.   


Please note:  We strongly recommend alternating skeins when making large projects to distribute color the most even throughout.  Also, we do our best to use natural lighting at all times to depict the color in their truest forms however screen resolution and settings can alter the appearance from screen to screen and we are not responsible regarding same.