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Summer Camp Fibers Lavande Crop Sweater Kit - Cherry Blossom Canopy

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Summer Camp Fibers Lavande Crop Sweater Kit

"The Lavande Crop is a seamless, top down circular yoke sweater knit holding one strand of slub yarn and one strand of mohair together. The finished sweater is light, airy and full of texture. It's perfect for crisp summer nights and warm fall weather."

Our kit combines Summer Camp Fibers Textured Yarn Goosebumps and Dream Suri to create the best spring season sweater ever!  

The instructions for this sweater are given for a slightly cropped body and 3/4 length sleeve. Both of these can be lengethend or shortened depending on your preferred length. Please keep in mind that you may need additional yarn to increase length.  We suggest one skein of each if you wish for a longer sweater.  HOWEVER - our skeins run long and we had leftovers but cannot attest to how much you will actually have left.  

Size Finished Bust
1 32
2 36
3 40
4 44
5 48
6 52
7 56
8 60
9 64


  • Sizes 1-3: 2 skeins Goosebumps, 2 Skeins Suri
  • Size 4: 3 Skeins Goosebumps, 2 Skeins Suri
  • Sizes 5-7: 3 Skeins Goosebumps, 3 Skeins Suri
  • Size 8: 4 Skeins Goosebumps, 3 Skeins Suri
  • Size 9: 4 Skeins Goosebumps, 4 Skeins Suri