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Step up the knit on-the-go game....

Living the dream in quarantine ...

Living the dream in quarantine... seems to be my slogan these days.  While I know a lot of people are sipping and stitching...the world will once again open (I hope). 

With that we wanted to share with you things we love.  Things we want.  Things we have.  Ways to look cute and trendy while still bringing your friend - the project bag - along with you.


The Paloma Pouch is the perfect project bag for the beach or the park (hello Cental Park - I miss you!).  Just the right size to slip your card wallet in along with you project "whatevers" (don't forget your Knit Kit) and dash out the door. Its lined with a moisture resistant material so no worries on getting anything ruined.  




Are you a shade seeker? Shade Seeker bags are here!  We love them.  Super cute - while fitting everything you need and not crushing your hat! Oh and did we mention the bag comes with the hat?  Looks good going to the beach, pool, park or even to grab coffee with friends.  Throw the Paloma Pouch right on in for that summer feel good look.  




Lastly is this gem - The Sangria Pouch.  Generous size - I could easily fit my day plus a project in it.  I love it paired with the Shade Seeker.... ready.set.go!


Next up - our "Sip n' Stitch" boxes...stay tunes!


As always...Happy Knitting!