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About Us!

Dream it. Make it. Love it!

Hi!  I'm Katie and welcome to Summer Camp Fibers.  If you can't tell...I love a good time, a good laugh and a good knit.  My mom, my sister and I believe that when it comes to creating - anyone can dream it, anyone can make it, and everyone will love it!  Knitting and Crocheting is relaxing. It has been proven to reduce stress, lower heart rates & blood pressure, and boost self esteem! When you use your hands, action happens in your brain! 

We are a small family 100% women owned company.  On top of that - only 2% of manufacturing companies are owned by women - WE are very proud to be in that 2%.   We employ 100% women.  We strive to simplify your life - our time is precious and so is yours!  Here, every Knit and Crochet Kit is built by hand, by women, and shipped to you by us! 

We provide ALL your essential tools to knit/crochet/weave/make and create in the palm of your hand.  Take us on your adventures; to the parent pick up line, your commute to work, airports, train stations, or that quiet self care time.  Self care is essential to sanity this day in age! (Or if you are like me, in the car so you're not jumping out of your seat when your husband is driving!)

Make with Summer Camp Fibers - luxury hand dyed yarn dried in the sun on the shores of Cape Cod and kissed by the seaside air.  Inspired by and dyed with my kids who are color blind.  Makes things a little interesting every once in awhile but I would hate a boring life.  My life is not boring!

We invite you to share your stories with us.  You can make anywhere! The Knit Kit has successfully been on every continent but Antarctica! (if you are going let me know -  I'll gladly provide one for your trip)  We hope its new sister, The Crochet Kit makes it around the globe too!

Dream it. Make it. Love it with Summer Camp Fibers.  Let us take you to the place where creating will create more than a garment - it will provide an experience that will last a life time - just like camp!  Tell your friends about us! Everyone has the ability to knit/crochet/weave/make - you name it.  Everyone needs to be prepared with a Knit or Crochet Kit. 

Happy making and welcome to the family!